What people are saying…

Maria Sirois
Positive Psychologist, Speaker, Consultant and Author

“Eugenie Sills is a five-star consultant. I began our consultation as a hesitant, somewhat skeptical participant, anxious about how much I had to learn and concerned that in the end it wouldn’t pay off. Eugenie led me through the process of using multiple platforms clearly and with patience and a sense of humor. More important are the results: Conversations with thought leaders in my field, and a stable and growing presence that is drawing direct leads to my work. Sales for my online training and speaking have appeared via all three platforms where I choose to engage. Eugenie taught me not only the mechanics of leveraging social media but also how to do so in such a way that my professional identity and integrity remains intact. This is crucial for me. One year later this work continues to pay off. This is by far the best consulting money I have ever spent.”

Mark Hyman, MD
Founder & Medical Director
The UltraWellness Center

“We engaged Eugenie Sills to conduct a social media audit, develop a strategic roadmap and coach our team on implementation. With more than 90 actionable recommendations, her comprehensive audit report blew me away—and definitely positioned us to take our social media program to the next level. Highly recommended!

Cardinale Montano
Designer and Founder, Lineflax and Roving

“It was such a gift to speak with you! I felt completely understood — your ability to see and clearly define a course of action with comprehensive ‘tools’ that you articulate so well is timely… I truly look forward to our next meeting.”

Lesley Ann Beck
Director of Communications
Berkshire Museum

“Eugenie Sills’ thorough social media audit not only gave us a very clear picture of where we were, it showed us where we needed to go and how to get there. Her audit presentation exceeded our expectations, both in the depth and breadth of information analyzed and in the number of specific and achievable action steps suggested… While structuring the way we use social media was extremely useful, what really improved the effectiveness of our online presence and our ability to engage an audience was adopting a fresh philosophy for the content we post—that which we develop and that which we share from other sources. Embarking on a social media audit with TWT Media has certainly proved to be an excellent investment, and one that has produced measurable results for our institution.”

David Lamb
Vantage Press, Inc.

“Eugenie combines great editorial sensitivity with proficiency in social media—where it seems there is a new site or technique emerging every day. She was able to put a new gloss on Vantage’s 62-year old publishing brand, deftly capturing the spirit of our recent transformation with an uncanny ability to translate our corporate voice and vision. She was also a great mentor to Vantage’s publicity staff, instilling in them the need to post with integrity. Eugenie’s knowledge of social media analytics ensured that we made the best use of her abilities and of our online media spending.”

Jason Randall
Former Operations Manager
Grynn & Barrett Studios

Eugenie was very helpful in getting Grynn & Barrett’s leadership more focused and enthusiastic about the potential of social media and provided us with a strong foundation for creating and implementing social media campaigns and tracking their success. I highly recommend her services.”